# Open Positions

DeepFashion: Uniting AI for Sustainable Fashion Innovation
DeepFashion: Uniting AI for Sustainable Fashion Innovation

# Growth Specialist - AI Fashion

DeepFashion is aiming to Unite AI for Sustainable Fashion Innovation. We build an AI which generates visual imagery and creative inspiration in brand DNA by training previous collections into a brand AI Model.

No code required.

# Responsibilities

  1. Lead strategic initiatives for our innovative startup, specializing in AI-driven fashion design.

  2. Collaborate with a dynamic team of non-coding AI enthusiasts to drive the company's vision and mission.

  3. Utilize your expertise in customer acquisition to expand our user base and enhance market presence.

  4. Leverage your network to establish and nurture relationships with fashion brands and designers, fostering collaborations and partnerships.

  5. Develop connections within the fashion industry, specifically with magazines and influencers, to amplify our brand visibility.

  6. Bring futuristic thinking to the table, contributing innovative ideas to shape the future of AI in fashion.

  7. Demonstrate a hands-on approach by rolling up your sleeves to execute tasks and overcome challenges in a fast-paced startup environment.

  8. Foster a culture of quick learning and adaptation, ensuring the team stays ahead in the evolving landscape of AI and fashion.

# Qualifications

  • Proven experience in customer acquisition and growth strategies, preferably within the AI or fashion industry.

  • Extensive network and connections in the fashion ecosystem, including brands, designers, magazines, and influencers.

  • Forward-thinking mindset with a keen interest in the intersection of AI and fashion.

  • Ability to thrive in a startup environment, showcasing a hands-on and proactive attitude.

  • Demonstrated quick learning capabilities and adaptability to evolving technologies.

# Contact

If you are passionate about shaping the future of AI in fashion and have the drive to make a significant impact in a startup setting, we'd love to hear from you. Join us on this exciting journey! DM me or send resume to hr@deepfashion.us if you are interested.